Worst And Strangest Homes In The World



Takasugi-an, Japan

Takasugi-an: A whimsical teahouse perched on precarious stilts, offering a surreal experience where visitors must navigate ladders and embrace the building's sway while enjoying its charming interior.


Sutyagin House, Russia

Sutyagin House: The audacious 13-story wooden marvel in Arkhangelsk, Russia, constructed without permits or formal plans, meets its fate as a fire hazard, leaving behind a tale of ambitious architectural ambitions and a sigh of relief.


Phoenix House, Hawaii

Embracing Adventure: Experience the thrill of staying at the Phoenix House on Hawaii's Big Island, offering a unique opportunity to witness the raw power of an active volcano, Kilauea, during your stay.


Drina River House, Serbia

Island Haven: The iconic house on the Drina River captures the imagination as a resilient and beloved tourist attraction in Serbia, defying nature's forces and drawing visitors from around the globe.


Elliðaey Island, Iceland

Remote Peril: Isolated on Elliaey Island, off Iceland's southern coast, the risk of limited access to medical assistance makes residing here precarious, as a simple mishap like a broken leg could present significant challenges for seeking prompt medical care.


Castellfollit de la Roca, Spain

Living on the Edge: Castellfollit de la Roca, Catalonia's ancient town perched precariously on a lava-formed cliff, offers a breathtaking view and a unique experience where a tiny winding street embraces the neighborhood's perimeter, making every backyard a thrilling precipice.


Chemosphere, Los Angeles

Architectural Marvel: The Chemosphere - A visionary octagonal house atop a slender concrete column in Los Angeles, hailed as one of the world's most modern and ingenious designs, defying gravity with its construction on a 45-degree incline.


Just Room Enough Island, New York

Just Room Enough: Hub Island, the world's tiniest inhabited island in the Saint Lawrence River, becomes a not-so-secret getaway as the Sizeland family's private retreat attracts attention, offering a dwelling, a lone tree, and a modest beach on its meager 3,300 square feet of space.

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