Vintage-Inspired Hairstyles With a Modern Twist

Finger Waves with Side Part: Embrace the glamour of the 1920s with finger waves, but add a modern twist by pairing them with a deep side part for a chic look.

Retro Victory Rolls: Bring back the 1940s with victory rolls, but update the style by making them a bit softer and adding subtle texture for a contemporary edge.

Modern Pin-Up Bangs: Channel the 1950s pin-up style with rolled bangs, but create a modern vibe by leaving the rest of the hair loose and flowy.

Bouffant Ponytail: Revive the 1960s bouffant hairstyle by incorporating it into a high ponytail, achieving a playful blend of classic and current.

Braided Crown Updo: Combine the elegance of a braided crown with a modern messy updo, striking a balance between vintage charm and relaxed style.

Bohemian 70s Waves: Infuse the free-spirited 1970s vibe into your look by wearing loose, voluminous waves that exude both retro and contemporary elements.

Side-Swept Hollywood Glam: Revisit the allure of old Hollywood with side-swept waves, adding a twist by incorporating a deep side part and texturized ends.

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