Unsolved Wild West Mysteries


The Disappearance of Ambrose Bierce

Ambrose Bierce, the renowned American author and journalist, disappeared without a trace during his venture into Mexico in 1913, leaving his ultimate fate and the circumstances of his disappearance a mystery.


The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine

Legend persists of Jacob Waltz, a German immigrant who supposedly discovered the elusive Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine in Arizona's Superstition Mountains, but its exact location and the truth behind the legend remain elusive.


The Murder of John Spangler

In 1887, John Spangler, a prominent cattleman, was shot and killed near Brown's Park in Colorado. Despite extensive investigations, the killer was never identified or apprehended. The murder remains unsolved to this day.


The Mystery of the Apache Kid

The true fate of the Apache Kid, a notorious outlaw and member of the Apache tribe, remains shrouded in mystery due to conflicting accounts of his death and burial.


The Death of Pat Garrett 

Pat Garrett, the legendary sheriff known for killing Billy the Kid, met an uncertain fate in 1908, with unclear circumstances surrounding his death, including theories of murder and accidental shooting.


The Vanished Town of Cahawba

The former capital of Alabama, Cahawba, declined and vanished by the late 19th century, leaving behind ruins and ghostly remnants that hold a haunting mystery surrounding its abandonment.