Top tips and tricks to protect your network.

Technology advice

Take responsibility for cybersecurity: Stay vigilant, follow best practices, and protect yourself and others from cyber threats.

You are a target to hackers

Keep your devices secure: Install software updates, enable automatic updates, and keep browser plug-ins up-to-date to stay protected online.

Keep software up-to-date

Beware of phishing scams: Stay cautious of suspicious emails, calls, or messages asking for personal or financial information.

Avoid Phishing scams

Use a password manager for strong and unique passwords, automatic credential entry, and regular password updates.

Practice good password management

Stay cautious by avoiding unknown websites, untrusted software sources, suspicious email attachments, and utilize browser add-ons like Click-to-Play

Be careful what you click

Secure your devices by locking them when unattended and encrypting and storing protected data on external drives, while locking your desktop screen or shutting down the system when idle.

 Never leave devices unattended

Be mindful of Protected Data and its restrictions, avoiding storage on personal devices, securely deleting unnecessary files, and employing encryption for data storage and transmission.

Safeguard Protected Data

Protect your mobile device with strong passwords, trusted apps, regular updates, caution with links/attachments, no personal info storage, data encryption, and device tracking.

Use mobile devices safely

Install programs from trusted sources and regularly update virus definitions, engines, and software for optimal effectiveness.

Install antivirus

Regularly back up your data to ensure a secure and reliable recovery option in case of a security incident.

Back up your data

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