Top 8 Smallest Countries in the World

Vatican City: The World's Smallest Country with Global Influence - cultural and spiritual hub of the Roman Catholic Church, home to iconic landmarks, and repository of centuries of Western civilization.

1. Vatican City (0.17 sq. mi.)

Monaco: A Glamorous Playground for the Elite - a tiny country on the French Riviera known for luxury, high-profile events, and a thriving economy centered around tourism, casinos, and financial services.

2. Monaco (0.78 sq. mi.)

Nauru: A Remote Island Nation Facing Economic Challenges and Controversies - with a small population, depleted resources, high unemployment, and serving as an offshore immigration processing center, Nauru grapples with unique circumstances.

3. Nauru (8.1 sq. mi.)

Tuvalu: A Tiny Island Nation Thriving on Fishing, Tourism, and Philately - with a small land area, a population of 11,200, and a livelihood centered around fishing, tourism, and unique postage stamp sales.

4. Tuvalu (10 sq. mi.)

San Marino: A Unique Independent City-State in Italy - Founded on the resistance to Italian unification, this small territory thrives on tourism, financial services, wineries, and craftsmanship, maintaining its own culture within Italian influence.

5. San Marino (23.6 sq. mi.)

Liechtenstein: Alpine Beauty, Medieval Castles, and Financial Prosperity - a small mountainous country known for its scenic landscapes, historic castles, and thriving banking industry, with a population of approximately 39,000.

6. Liechtenstein (62.1 sq. mi.)

The Marshall Islands: A Small Land, Vast Ocean Territory - Thriving on Farming, Fishing, and Fishing License Sales.

7. Marshall Islands (70 sq. mi.)

Saint Kitts and Nevis: Caribbean's Smallest Nation, United in History and Prosperity - A Commonwealth realm with a population of 50,000, relying on tourism, financial services, and agricultural production for economic stability.

8. Saint Kitts and Nevis (101 sq. mi.)

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