Top 8 Habits of Excellent Houseguests



Respectful Communication

Excellent houseguests maintain open and respectful communication with their hosts, expressing gratitude and discussing any concerns or preferences.


Cleanliness and Tidiness

They keep their living space neat and clean, taking care not to leave a mess or create unnecessary clutter during their stay.


Considerate of House Rules

They familiarize themselves with the house rules and respect them, understanding that they are guests in someone else's home.


Privacy and Boundaries

Excellent houseguests respect their host's privacy and personal space, understanding the importance of boundaries and giving their hosts the space they need.


Contribution and Appreciation

They show gratitude by expressing appreciation for their host's hospitality and may contribute in various ways, such as helping with household chores or offering to cook a meal.


Respect for Property

Excellent houseguests treat their host's property with care and respect, avoiding damage or misuse of any belongings or amenities provided to them.


Departure Etiquette

They are considerate when it's time to leave, ensuring they clean up after themselves, tidy their living space, and express gratitude for their stay before departing.


Flexibility and Adaptability

They are flexible and adaptable, understanding that plans may change or unforeseen circumstances may arise, and they are willing to adjust their expectations accordingly.

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