Top 7 Unsolved Time Travel Mysteries

If time travel were possible, could you travel back in time and change something that would prevent your own existence, such as killing your grandfather before your parent was born?

Grandfather Paradox: 

What happens if an object or information is sent back in time and becomes its own origin? How did it come into existence?

Bootstrap Paradox:

Can a specific event or series of events be trapped in a repeating loop, where time travelers are destined to relive the same sequence of events endlessly?

Time Loop: 

If time travel allows for branching timelines, what happens when you travel to the past and make changes? Are there alternate realities created, and how do they interact?

Multiple Timelines: 

Can a time traveler inadvertently cause events that were destined to happen in the first place, creating a paradoxical loop with no clear origin?

Predestination Paradox: 

If someone could travel through time, could they potentially live forever by constantly jumping between different points in time?

Time Traveler's Immortality: 

What are the ethical implications of time travel? Should changes be made in the past, even if they could have unintended consequences in the future? How does one navigate the moral complexities of altering history?

Time Travel Ethics: