Top 7 Rarest Pomeranian Colors


Rare lavender Pomeranians have unique fur colors ranging from light chocolate to lilac and gray, making them highly coveted and expensive due to their scarcity.



Brindle Pomeranians feature captivating tiger-like dark stripes over their tan or brown fur, with the pattern extending across their entire coat, including paws, backs, foreheads, and even a possible dark stripe down the middle of their backs.



Blue Pomeranians have solid-colored coats ranging from dark gray to silver or grayish blue, resulting from a dilute recessive gene, with their blue or blueish gray eye rims, nose, and paw pads setting them apart from black Pomeranians.



Wolf sable Pomeranians have a solid base color combined with darker-tipped hairs, creating a unique and mesmerizing coat pattern resembling that of a wild wolf, with variations ranging from gray to cream, and genetic testing is required for accurate identification.

Wolf Sable


White Pomeranians, once common but now rare, have a recessive gene for their icy coat, requiring the absence of pigmentation or colored genes for multiple generations to achieve this coveted color.



Beaver Pomeranians exhibit a unique dilute form of brown or chocolate, ranging from cream-beige to orange-brown, with distinguishing features such as liver or beige-brown noses, eye rims, lips, and paw pads, setting them apart from orange Poms.



Merle Pomeranians have a striking and rare color pattern, but breeding two merle Pomeranians together can lead to health issues in double merle puppies, making responsible breeders cautious about such pairings.

Merle and Double Merle