top 10 Drunkest States in America


Known for its beer culture and breweries, Wisconsin consistently ranks as one of the drunkest states in America.

North Dakota

With a high per capita alcohol consumption rate, North Dakota earns a spot among the top states for drinking.


Montana's residents have a reputation for enjoying alcohol, contributing to its ranking as one of the drunkest states.

South Dakota

South Dakota's drinking habits, including a high binge drinking rate, place it in the top ten.


Nebraska's residents consume alcohol at a higher rate compared to the national average, earning it a spot on the list.

New Hampshire

Known for its liquor stores and lack of sales tax on alcohol, New Hampshire has a significant drinking culture.


With a strong craft beer scene and a culture that embraces alcohol, Vermont ranks among the drunkest states.


Alaska's remote and isolated nature, along with long winter nights, contributes to its high alcohol consumption rates.


Colorado's residents enjoy a variety of alcoholic beverages, including craft beer and local spirits.


With its thriving entertainment and nightlife scene, Nevada, particularly Las Vegas, sees high levels of alcohol consumption.