The Trick to Finding Cheap Flights in 2023


Be Flexible with Travel Dates

Cheap airfares need flexibility. Flights are cheaper on weekdays and off-season. Flight booking websites provide various date search options to compare airfares.


Set Fare Alerts

Subscribe to travel website or airline fare notifications. These notifications let you purchase flights at the lowest cost when prices decrease for your selected routes.


Utilize Incognito Mode or Clear Browser Cookies

Browser history may boost flight costs. Incognito or cookie-free flight searches prevent this. Airlines cannot charge for search history.


Compare Prices Across Multiple Websites

Don't choose the first website. Check airline, travel agency, and aggregator flight fares. Check out each website's offers and promos.


Consider Alternate Airports

Compare flights from nearby airports. Smaller airports may save money on flights.


Be Open to Layovers and Connecting Flights

Direct flights cost extra. Connecting flights may save money. Allow enough time between flights.


Sign Up for Airline Newsletters and Loyalty Programs

Join airline rewards programs and newsletters. Airline subscribers get exclusive discounts and promotions.