The Top 9 Best Snake Pets To Own

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1. Ball Python 

Ball pythons are known for their docile nature, manageable size (3-5 feet on average), and striking color patterns. They have relatively simple care requirements and are excellent for beginners.

2. Corn Snake 

Corn snakes are one of the most popular pet snakes due to their vibrant colors, ease of care, and small to medium size (4-6 feet). They are generally docile and adapt well to captive environments.

3. King Snake

King snakes come in various species, such as California kingsnakes. They are relatively easy to care for and have a reputation for being hardy, active, and great eaters.

4. Rosy Boa 

Rosy boas are small, desert-dwelling snakes known for their calm demeanor and attractive appearance. They typically grow to around 2-3 feet in length and are relatively low-maintenance.

5. Garter Snake 

Garter snakes are often chosen as beginner snake pets due to their small size, ease of care, and lively nature. They can be found in various colors and patterns and are known for their swimming abilities.

6. Children's Python

Children's pythons are small and relatively docile pythons that are ideal for those looking for a compact snake pet. They typically reach lengths of 2-4 feet and have a manageable temperament.

7. Kenyan Sand Boa 

Kenyan sand boas are small, burrowing snakes known for their sandy coloration and stocky build. They have a relatively calm disposition and require minimal space.

8. Western Hognose Snake

Western hognose snakes are known for their upturned snouts and unique defensive behavior, which includes bluffing and playing dead. 

9. Carpet Python 

Carpet pythons are medium to large-sized snakes with various subspecies, such as the jungle carpet python and the coastal carpet python. 

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