6 Ancient Beauty Secrets of Cleopatra

Dead Sea Salts

Cleopatra used Dead Sea salts for their healing properties.

A face mask with green grapes and honey

Cleopatra's Kosmetikon is a papyrus that contains a recipe for a face mask with green grapes and honey. The mask rejuvenates skin cells and protects it from ageing.


The Egyptians used kohl for eyeliner, which protected the eyes from the sun and infections. Cleopatra used kohl to create her famous cat eye look.

Donkey milk and aloe vera baths to moisturise the skin

Cleopatra took donkey milk baths, which are known for their toning, anti-ageing, healing and repairing properties. She also used aloe vera to massage her skin.


Cleopatra used henna as nail polish and to condition her fingernails. She was known for her beauty and used natural products to achieve her look.

Applying essential oils on the hair

Cleopatra used essential oils to strengthen her hair. You can make a hair oil at home with 15 ml linseed oil, 6 drops each of cistus ladanifera, myrrh, and Himalayan spikenard essential oils. Apply to scalp and massage in before washing hair once or twice a week.