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The Scoop on Ice Cream: Fascinating Facts and Its Delectable History

Ancient Origins

Ice cream has ancient origins, with evidence of frozen desserts dating back to the 2nd century B.C. Alexander the Great enjoyed a frozen dessert made with snow, honey, and fruit.

Marco Polo's Discovery

Marco Polo is believed to have brought back a recipe for a frozen treat similar to ice cream from his travels in China. This introduction of the recipe to Europe is said to have contributed to the spread of ice cream.

Early Ice Cream Makers

The first ice cream makers were developed in the 17th century. These machines used a mixture of ice and salt to freeze the ingredients, and they were operated by hand-cranking.

Ice Cream in America

Ice cream gained popularity in America in the 18th century. The first known advertisement for ice cream in the United States appeared in a New York newspaper in 1777.

Presidential Love for Ice Cream

Many U.S. presidents had a love for ice cream. Thomas Jefferson is said to have been a fan of ice cream and even recorded a recipe for vanilla ice cream in his personal writings.

Ice Cream Cones

The invention of the ice cream cone is credited to the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904. An ice cream vendor ran out of dishes and partnered with a nearby waffle vendor to create edible cones.

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