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The lowest-income places in America

1.McAllen, Texas

Located near the U.S.-Mexico border, McAllen has been reported as one of the areas with the lowest median household incomes in the country.

2.Brownsville, Texas

Another border city, Brownsville has a high poverty rate and ranks among the areas with lower income levels.

3.Detroit, Michigan

Detroit has faced economic challenges over the years, resulting in a significant portion of the population experiencing lower incomes.

4.Camden, New Jersey

 Camden has struggled with economic decline and poverty, leading to lower income levels compared to other areas.

5.Flint, Michigan

Known for its water crisis, Flint has faced economic struggles, resulting in lower income levels for many residents.

6.Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland has experienced a decline in industrial jobs and population, contributing to lower income levels in certain neighborhoods.

7.Youngstown, Ohio

Youngstown has also been affected by the decline of manufacturing industries, resulting in lower median incomes.

8.Harlingen, Texas

 Harlingen has a high poverty rate and lower median household incomes, making it one of the lowest-income places in the country.

9.Albany, Georgia

Albany has faced economic challenges, including high poverty rates and lower median incomes.

10.Salinas, California

Salinas, California: Despite being located in California, Salinas has a significant population with lower incomes due to the cost of living and employment opportunities.

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