The Best Kissing Matches in the Zodiac sign


Brave, persistent Aries kisses as if their mouth were a key trying to open a chest of hidden riches. They don't mind being outgoing and desire a partner who will share their intense enthusiasm.


Gemini is unquestionably one of the zodiac signs that kisses the best. This twin sign is a potent kissing partner for many other signs since they are experts at giving and receiving pleasure.


Before they give themselves over to passion, Cancer has their guard up and wants someone who makes them feel entirely safe and wanted.


Leo has the potential to be a seductive, soul-stirring kisser with the proper partner. The only problem is this sign is typically apprehensive, making it easier for them to lose the lip-locking moment.


Every Virgo has two sides: a young woman who wants to be conquered and a nurturing carer who devotes their entire being to the person they love.


A serious smoocher, Libra. They've not only done their homework on how to kiss well; they've also taken notes from each partner they've had. Because of this, they are almost an ideal kissing match for many zodiac signs.


Fiery Scorpio is surprisingly one of the kindest when they're with their love. This passionate sign desires a companion who appreciates receiving kisses at all times and is constantly in the mood to play tonsil hockey.