The Best and Worst Fast-Food Fish Sandwiches

Doug Collins

Chick-fil-A's Fish Sandwich

Sandwich features a flaky fillet, served on a soft bun with pickles—a delicious, balanced delight with quality ingredients.

McDonald's Filet-O-Fish

A classic fast-food option, comprising a breaded fish fillet, tartar sauce, and melted cheese on a soft bun. It's a reliably satisfying choice with great flavor.

Culver's North Atlantic Cod

The fillet is hand-battered and served on a lightly buttered and toasted bun. It offers a flavorful and crispy experience.

Wendy's Premium Cod Fillet

A crispy and flaky texture. It is served on a toasted bun with lettuce, tartar sauce, and a slice of cheese, providing a satisfying flavor combination.

Arby's Crispy Fish Sandwich

A beer-battered fillet, tartar sauce, and lettuce on a sesame seed bun, delivering a popular choice with a delightful crunch.

Sonic's Fish Sandwich

Sonic's fish sandwich is often criticized for its lackluster flavor and quality, with thin, overcooked fillets that disappoint in taste and texture.

Jack in the Box's Fish

Underwhelming, with greasy, heavily breaded fillets that lead to a heavy and less enjoyable dining experience compared to other fast-food choices.

Burger King's Big Fish

Sandwich receives criticism for its lack of flavor and dryness, with thin fish fillets that may not satisfy as much as other choices.

Carl's Jr./Hardee Charbroiled

Some flavor and texture, often describing the fish fillet as dry and the overall taste falling short of expectations.

Subway's Tuna Sandwich

The taste and texture of the tuna salad can vary across locations, with some experiencing a lack of flavor or freshness.

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