The 90s Necessities turned Luxuries: 8 Everyday Items of the Past

Dial-up Internet

In the 90s, using dial-up internet was a common experience, but now high-speed internet access is considered a luxury.

Landline Phones

Having a landline phone used to be a household necessity, but with the prevalence of smartphones, it has become a luxury to maintain a dedicated home phone line.

Film Cameras

In the 90s, film cameras were widely used for photography. However, with the advent of digital cameras and smartphones, film cameras have become a luxury for photography enthusiasts.

CDs and Walkmans

Listening to music on CDs and portable Walkmans was the norm in the 90s. Now, with streaming services and digital music players, physical CDs and Walkmans are considered nostalgic luxuries.

Video Rental Stores

Renting movies from video stores was a popular pastime in the 90s. However, the rise of online streaming platforms has made the concept of physical video rental stores a luxury.

Fax Machines

Fax machines were commonly used for business communication in the 90s. In today's digital era, fax machines are considered outdated and using online document sharing and email has become the norm.

Printed Maps

Navigating with printed maps was common in the 90s, but with GPS navigation systems and smartphone map apps, relying solely on printed maps has become a luxury.


Typewriters were widely used for writing and document creation in the 90s. Nowadays, with advanced word processors and digital typing tools, using typewriters has become a luxury for vintage enthusiasts or collectors.

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