The 8 Best Dogs for Kids and Families

Labrador Retriever:  Friendly, outgoing, and gentle, Labradors are known for their patience and playfulness, making them ideal companions for families.

Golden Retriever:  Intelligent, loyal, and affectionate, Golden Retrievers are known for their gentle nature and strong bond with children.

Beagle:  Curious and friendly, Beagles have a great temperament and are well-suited for active families who enjoy outdoor activities.

Bulldog:  Calm and dependable, Bulldogs are known for their gentle demeanor, making them great for families living in smaller spaces.

Poodle:  Intelligent and versatile, Poodles come in different sizes and are hypoallergenic, making them a good choice for families with allergies.

Boxer:  Energetic and playful, Boxers are known for their protective instincts and love for play, making them great companions for active families.

Collie:  Gentle and intelligent, Collies are excellent herding dogs that form strong bonds with children and are eager to please.

Bichon Frise:  Cheerful and affectionate, Bichon Frises are small, hypoallergenic dogs that thrive in family settings, especially those with older kids.

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