The 7 Worst European Countries, From Bad to Terrible

Moldova: Moldova faces political instability, corruption, and economic struggles, leading to emigration of its population in search of better opportunities.

Ukraine: Ukraine deals with ongoing conflict in its eastern regions, economic difficulties, and political tensions that impact its overall stability.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ethnic divisions and political gridlock hinder progress, resulting in a fragile state with slow development and weak institutions.

Albania: Albania contends with corruption, organized crime, and a lack of robust institutions, making it difficult to achieve sustainable growth.

North Macedonia: Despite efforts to address its challenges, North Macedonia faces issues such as political polarization, high unemployment, and limited economic prospects.

Serbia: Serbia grapples with political authoritarianism, media censorship, and unresolved regional tensions, impeding its democratic development.

Belarus: Belarus is known for a repressive regime, human rights abuses, and lack of political freedoms, leading to widespread protests and international condemnation.

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