The 7 best haircuts for curly hair

Layered Curly Cut: Layers enhance natural curls by adding movement and reducing bulk, resulting in a dynamic and voluminous look.

Curly Bob: A curly bob is a stylish option that frames the face while showcasing the beauty of your curls.

Long Curly Layers: Long layers can provide structure and shape to curly hair while maintaining its natural flow and bounce.

Tapered Cut: A tapered haircut features shorter sides and back with slightly more length on top, allowing curls to shine at the crown.

Curly Pixie Cut: For a bold and confident style, a curly pixie cut highlights your curls and creates a chic and playful look.

Curly Shag: A curly shag haircut with layers and texture complements curly hair by enhancing its unique pattern.

Afro Hairstyle: Embrace your natural texture with an afro haircut, celebrating the beauty of your curls in all their glory.

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