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The 6 Most Dangerous Roads in Arizona

1.Interstate 10 (I-10)

High traffic volume and congestion contribute to its reputation as a dangerous road in Arizona.

2.Highway 89

Winding roads, steep inclines, and encounters with wildlife make it a challenging and hazardous route.

3.State Route 87 (SR 87) - Beeline Highway

Treacherous mountainous areas with steep grades and tight curves pose risks for drivers.

4.State Route 260 (SR 260)

High elevation, sharp turns, and challenging driving conditions, especially during winter, make it dangerous.

5.State Route 89A (SR 89A)

Scenic but characterized by steep grades, hairpin turns, and narrow lanes, posing hazards for drivers.

6.Apache Trail

Historic and scenic, it presents challenges with narrow roads, steep drop-offs, and limited guardrails.

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