The 11 Best Twitter Alternatives Worth Trying

1. Substack Notes

Substack Notes, a Twitter alternative launched in April 2023, offers a sedate and balanced experience for subscribers with no ads or viral posts.

2. Post

Post is a social media platform launched in 2022 by former Waze CEO Noam Bardin, described as a place for discovering, sharing, and discussing premium news content without subscriptions or ads.

3. MeWe

MeWe is a privacy-focused social network that doesn't show ads or target users with algorithms, and offers features such as disappearing messages and custom emojis.

4. Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a network that allows live speech conversations organized in chat rooms, creating an "always-on dinner party" atmosphere, inspiring Twitter Spaces.


Twitter pioneered microblogging with short, title-less posts while offers similar features along with photo sharing and engagement options, but only available through a monthly subscription starting at $5.

6. Mastodon

Mastodon, an open-source Twitter alternative, allows control over content and conversations by creating themed instances, even letting you set up your own social network.

7. Gab

Gab, a "free speech-focused" alternative to Twitter known for being "alt-right," was banned from the Apple App Store and removed by Google Play Store for lack of moderation, including violent and hateful content.


GETTR, a social network founded on principles of free speech, offers multiple sign-up options and a "TikTok" feature called Gtoks.

9. Cohost

Cohost, an ad-free social network with enhanced access through a subscription, requires full verification before posting but allows for topic and profile exploration during the slow sign-up process.

10. Counter Social

CounterSocial, a desktop social network, bot detection, identity breach alerts, and fact-checking links, along with other features such as media uploading, and a paid version with added features and a VR metaverse (not available on mobile).

11. WT.Social

WT.Social, a browser-based social network founded by Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales, offers subwikis on various topics, recommended subwikis on fighting misinformation, with early promise of intelligent discourse.

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