The 10 Most Beautiful Botanical Gardens in the US


Bellevue Botanical Garden is a free botanical garden in downtown Bellevue, Washington. It has woodland trails, natural wetlands, and top-notch gardens. 

Bellevue Botanical Garden - Bellevue, WA


Chicago Botanic Garden is a 385-acre garden with 27 thoughtfully arranged gardens. Over 1 million people visit every year. 

Chicago Botanical Garden - Chicago, IL


National Tropical Botanical Garden on Kauai is a 1,000-acre garden with rare and endangered plants. 

Limahuli Garden and Preserve - Kauai, HI


Betty Ford Alpine Gardens is a high-altitude botanical garden in Vail, CO. It is named after former first lady Betty Ford. 

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens - Vail, CO


New York Botanical Garden is a great place to visit for locals and tourists. It has a huge collection of plants, art exhibits, and educational programs.

New York Botanical Garden - The Bronx, NY


San Francisco Botanical Garden is a garden oasis in Golden Gate Park with over 8,000 kinds of plants.

San Francisco Botanical Garden - San Francisco, CA


Visit the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix for a change of scenery. It's a gorgeous desert sanctuary with over 400,000 visitors annually. 

Desert Botanical Garden - Phoenix, AZ


New Orleans Botanical Garden: A 75-year-old haven for Louisiana residents and visitors.

New Orleans Botanical Garden - New Orleans, LA


Taft Gardens and Nature Preserve: A 15-acre garden in Ojai, California, with 200 acres of protected open space.

Taft Gardens and Nature Preserve - Ojai, CA


A stunning garden in Washington, D.C. with statues, fountains, and lush landscapes

United State Botanic Garden - Washington, D.C.

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