Ten Predictions for the Future of Cryptocurrency in 2023 

How else might the cryptocurrency market change in 2023? 

We've gathered forecasts from knowledgeable professionals in the field, from the optimistic to the pessimistic.

Epic conflicts about rules. 

Nobody can predict the exact result, but 2023 may mark the year when the battles over regulations finally reach their pinnacle. 

Web3 platforms are still expanding. 

"More severe macroeconomic downturn market conditions should, in theory, steer cryptocurrency ventures away from speculation and more toward utility."

increased blood, losses, and suffering 

Because the contagion is too extensive and challenging for us all to estimate, we will witness the closure of funds and the failure of companies we didn't anticipate.

Truly widespread acceptance of bitcoin. 

astonished by the sheer quantity of bitcoin leaders and entrepreneurs from so many nations.

2023 predictions bitcoin

An emphasis on everything besides blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies.

Web3 became popular. 

We might see blockchain play a key role in assisting us in making the distinction between information produced by humans and AI.

Never write off NFTs. 

Major NFT expenditures were already being made by well-known Web2 brands [Starbucks and Disney] and throughout Web3

DAOs and gaming are still expanding. 

Big Time, Star Atlas, and Ember Sword, among other well-known Web3 game titles that have been in production for a while, will eventually release in 2023 as full-fledged games or more playable demos.

The significant exchanges "disaggregate." 

observe the division of actors involved in custody, brokerage, and exchange/price discovery, exactly like in [conventional finance]. 

The area reorganizes. 

The CEO of the Global Blockchain Business Council then offers some guidance for the industry as a whole: