Regrettable 6 Vacation Splurges to Avoid


Luxury Hotels

Reconsider pricey luxury hotels: Better value and comfort can often be found in more affordable accommodations with superior amenities.

Upgrading for Anything Sight Unseen at a Hotel

Upgrading sight unseen can be risky, as it's best to ensure the value before committing financially to add-ons or upgrades.

Paying for Seat Assignments

Reconsider paying for seat assignments: Airlines usually prioritize keeping families together, making it unnecessary to spend extra money unless seeking upgraded seating options.

Flying First Class

Beware of uncertainties with first-class flights: Aircraft variations and potential downgrades, along with delays or cancellations, can diminish the value of a pricey ticket.

Car Rental Insurance

Skip car rental insurance add-ons: Check if your own policy or credit card covers it, as rental company insurance can be expensive and inflate your daily rate.

Membership Airfare Lounges

Reconsider airport lounge memberships for infrequent flyers: High fees may not be worth it when most airports offer sufficient seating and amenities in their terminals.


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