Overrated and Underrated TV Shows: A Comparison of 9 Examples


Overrated: Euphoria

The show's popularity is primarily attributed to Zendaya's involvement, but its quality falls short due to poor writing.

Underrated: You're the Worst

You're the Worst: A life-changing show that provided valuable insights into emotional well-being and left me eager to rewatch it

Overrated: The Big Bang Theory

The show started off decently, but quickly descended into typical nerd-bashing, losing its comedic essence and resorting to shallow pop culture references and mean-spirited humor.

Underrated: Better Off Ted

The racism episode stands out as a remarkable highlight on TV, showcasing the show's excellence. While the rest of the series is also exceptional, that particular episode reached its peak.

Overrated: Friends

I don't understand the hype around Friends. While it's not terrible, I personally find it painfully unfunny and fail to comprehend the widespread love and praise it receives.

Underrated: Warrior

1870s San Francisco, Chinese gangs, Irish conflict, Bruce Lee's inspiration—a thrilling Deadwood-Tarantino blend and the best since Breaking Bad.

Overrated: Wednesday

While the show may have been average, Jenna Ortega's incredible acting elevated its quality significantly.

Underrated: Happy Endings

I wish this show had more popularity, so I could freely use phrases like 'Roof stoof' and 'Sloppy yabbos' without receiving confused looks. The Bro Code episode also offers great potential for memes.

Overrated: Grey's Anatomy

While many people love this show, all I seem to encounter when I attempt to watch it are actors crying to popular music.


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