How To Handle Fleas on Dogs

Regular Grooming: Brush your dog's coat regularly to help remove fleas and their eggs. This also helps distribute natural oils that discourage fleas.

Flea Shampoo: Use a flea-specific shampoo to kill fleas on contact. Make sure it's safe for your dog's skin type and follow the instructions.

Topical Treatments: Apply vet-approved flea spot treatments or topical treatments that disrupt the flea life cycle and provide long-lasting protection.

Oral Medications: Administer oral flea medications prescribed by your vet. These work from the inside out to kill fleas when they bite your dog.

Flea Collars: Consider using a flea collar, but ensure it's non-toxic and fits properly. It releases chemicals that repel or kill fleas.

Environment Control: Wash your dog's bedding regularly and vacuum your home frequently. This helps remove fleas, eggs, and larvae from your living space.

Consult a Vet: If the infestation is severe or your dog has a sensitive condition, consult a vet for guidance. They can recommend appropriate treatments and provide professional advice.

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