How to Get Natural-Looking Beach Waves


Start with damp hair

For beach waves, start with moist hair. To evenly distribute product and simplify style, towel-dry or gently spritz hair.


Apply a sea salt spray or texturizing spray

Spray the product evenly throughout your hair, concentrating on the mid-lengths and ends, to give your waves texture and hold.


Scrunch your hair

Scrunch your hair from the bottom up to raise it to the roots. It creates texture and loose waves.


Braid or twist sections of hair

Portion your hair and braid or twist each portion lightly. Clip or knot the ends. For natural waves, leave braids or twists in until hair is dry.


Use a diffuser or air-dry

If you want heat, connect a diffuser to your hairdryer and gently twist your hair upward. This technology enhances waves without altering them. Air-drying hair is also more natural.


Finish with a lightweight hairspray

After your hair is dry, simply spray a lightweight hairspray over your waves to retain and prevent frizz. Choose a hairspray that keeps hair silky and natural.

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