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Choose the Side Part Style Decide on the specific side part style you want. The classic side part features short sides and back with longer hair on top, parted neatly to one side.

Find a Skilled Barber It's crucial to visit a skilled barber or stylist experienced in creating side part haircuts for the best results.

Discuss Your Preferences Communicate your preferences for the length of the sides and back, as well as the length and placement of the side part. Reference photos can help convey your desired look.

Preparation Your barber or stylist will prepare your hair by washing and dampening it to make it more manageable for cutting and styling.

Cut and Style The barber or stylist will use clippers or scissors to create the shorter sides and back, often with a taper or fade. They will leave the hair on top longer to accommodate the side part.

Creating the Side Part Your barber or stylist will use a comb to define the side part and create a clean, sharp line. They will typically part the hair on the side that complements your natural hair growth pattern.

Final Touches The side portion will be kept sharp and polished by your barber or stylist. To get the ideal shape and appearance, they may clip any stray hairs and make any necessary modifications.

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