How to get a pixie haircut


Pixie cuts come in various lengths and styles, so communicate your preferences, including the length, texture, and any specific details you have in mind.


Your hairstylist will prepare your hair by wetting it and making it more manageable for cutting.

Cutting the Length

The length you choose will determine how short the hair on top and sides will be. It's essential to be clear about the desired length during the consultation.

Creating Texture

Texture is key to many pixie cuts. The hairstylist may use scissors or texturizing shears to add layers and texture to the hair, creating a stylish and edgy look.


hey may use styling products like pomade, wax, or styling cream to add texture and hold.

Maintenance and Styling Tips

Pixie cuts are often low-maintenance, but proper product use and styling techniques can help you achieve your desired look.

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