Explore 5 Largest Islands in Canada

Baffin Island, the largest island in Canada, offers a breathtaking Arctic wilderness with diverse landscapes, Inuit culture, and abundant wildlife, attracting adventurous visitors year-round.

Baffin Island


Victoria Island, the second-largest island in Canada, boasts a rugged coastline, diverse terrain, and a polar climate, making it an intriguing destination within the Arctic Archipelago.

Victoria Island


Ellesmere Island, the northernmost and third-largest island in Canada, boasts stunning mountainous landscapes, including Cape Columbia, the country's most northerly point, and is home to the northernmost settlement in the world, Grise Fiord.

Ellesmere Island


Newfoundland, the fourth-largest island in Canada, boasts a diverse population and a pleasant climate, attracting tourists with its scenic landscapes and outdoor activities.



Banks Island, located in the Arctic Archipelago, is the fifth-largest island in Canada and home to the remote settlement of Sachs Harbour, known for its ice fishing, hunting, and oil exploration activities.

Banks Island


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