Curls & Fades

06 Sexy Haircuts for Men 2023

Curly High Fade


A high fade with curly hair is trendy and contemporary. The fade highlights your curls with a crisp contrast.

Curly Low Fade


For a more natural transition, try a low fade with curly hair. This haircut keeps your curls while looking neat and polished.

Curly Taper Fade


Gradually transition from short to long curls with a taper fade. This haircut enhances your curly hair

Curly Undercut Fade


An undercut with a fade is edgy and bold. For a striking style, shave or trim the sides and back and leave the curly hair on top.

Curly Drop Fade


For a fashionable look, try a drop fade with curly hair. Your curls stand out behind the fade.

Curly Skin Fade


A skin fade is bold and clean. Your curly hair takes center stage with the hair fading to the skin.