Cringe-worthy Pickup Lines Women Use on Men

"A person who is willing to betray their partner is likely to betray you too."


I found myself in an awkward situation when a woman I was talking to pointed out that I resembled her brother, leading to some confusion among his acquaintances who mistook me for him.

You Look Just Like My Brother

Another experience I had was when someone asked me about my turbocharged sleeper k-swapped Ford Escort, assuming I would be interested in sharing technical details on a first date, which instantly turned me off.

What Do You Drive?

Proudly sporting a velcro Spongebob cheddar stash invites comments, and appreciating its charm despite its size.

Nice Wallet

Contradictory assumptions in gender expectations: women may expect more effort from men, yet value the impact of women initiating with an enthusiastic hello.

A Really Dry Hi

Rejecting the expectation to financially compensate for someone's time by disregarding their comment and showing no interest in entertaining such nonsense.

I Will Let You Buy Me a Drink

Regretting the missed opportunity to engage in conversation by responding with a gesture towards the clock, as she expressed interest in potentially having a drink or coffee together.

Do You Have the Time?

Unaware of the pickup line's intent, I initially thanked her, but when she asked for a ride home and expressed trust, it resulted in a mutually satisfying outcome.

You Look Like a Nice Man