Benefits of Chia Seeds


Salvia hispanica L. produces small black or white chia seeds. They originated in Central America (1Trusted Source).


Antioxidant-rich chia seeds (1Trusted Source, 4Trusted Source). Antioxidants prevent chia seeds' delicate lipids from rancidity and improve human health.

Chia seeds' fibre and protein may help dieters. Chia seeds have about 10 grammes of fibre per ounce. They're 35% fibre.

May aid weight reduction

Reduces heart disease risk

Chia seeds are abundant in fibre and omega-3s, lowering heart disease risk.

Bone-healthy elements are found in chia seeds. Numerous observational studies imply that these nutrients are necessary for optimal bone mineral density,

Several bone nutrients

May lower blood sugar

Chia seeds' fibre and other nutrients may regulate blood sugar.

Simple to add to diet

Chia seeds are simple to eat. They're bland, so they go with everything.


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