Banana Hacks

6 Ways to Extend Their Shelf Life

Hang your bananas


Hanging bananas from a hook slows down the ripening process and prevents bruising

Buy green bananas


Buy green bananas to prolong their shelf life. They will ripen slowly over time and you can hang them from a hook to prevent bruising.

Wrap banana stems in plastic wrap


Wrap the stems of bananas with plastic wrap or aluminum foil to slow down the ripening process.

Place ripe bananas in the fridge


Don't store green bananas in the fridge. Once they are fully ripe, you can move them to the fridge to keep them from ripening further.

Freeze your bananas


To freeze bananas for future use, peel them and freeze them individually or in slices in resealable airtight bags.

Buy a banana hat


The Nana Hats banana preserver is a cute and effective way to slow down the ripening process.