Affordable Hair Care Routine For Busy Lifestyles

Daily Gentle Cleansing: Use a sulfate-free shampoo to cleanse hair without stripping natural oils. Rinse thoroughly.

Quick Conditioning: Apply a lightweight conditioner, focusing on the ends. Leave it on while you complete your shower routine, then rinse.

Leave-In Conditioner: Apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner to damp hair for added moisture and easy detangling.

Air Dry or Speed Dry: Let hair air dry for a natural look or use a hairdryer on low heat for a quick finish.

Weekly Deep Condition: Once a week, use a deep conditioning treatment to nourish and restore your hair's health.

Minimal Styling: Opt for easy styles like ponytails, messy buns, or simple braids that don't require excessive time or effort.

Protective Bedtime Routine: Use a satin or silk pillowcase to minimize friction and maintain your hairstyle while sleeping.

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