9 Tricks for Making Your Wine Last Longer Once It's Opened

Store Upright: Store the bottle upright to minimize the surface area of wine exposed to air, reducing oxidation.

Recork Tightly: Always recork the bottle tightly to prevent air from entering and affecting the wine's quality.

Use Wine Stopper: Consider using a wine stopper or vacuum pump to remove excess air from the bottle before sealing.

Refrigerate: For white, rosé, and sparkling wines, refrigeration slows down oxidation and helps preserve freshness.

Wine Preserver Spray: Specialized wine preserver sprays create a protective layer on top of the wine to prevent oxidation.

Transfer to Smaller Bottle: If you have leftover wine, transfer it to a smaller bottle to reduce the amount of air in contact with the wine.

Argon Gas: Use argon gas wine preserver, which forms a protective barrier on top of the wine, preventing oxidation.

Keep Away from Light: Store the wine in a cool, dark place to avoid exposure to light, which can degrade its quality.

Reuse Wine Cork: If you can't find the original cork, use a reusable wine cork or silicone stopper as an alternative.

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