9 Trendy Wolf Cut Mullets for Women

Shaggy Layers

This wolf cut mullet has irregular and textured layers for a trendy, sophisticated style.

Razor Sharp Edges

Razor-sharp edges give your wolf cut mullet character. This strong haircut is crisp and defined.

Punk-inspired Spikes

Channel your inner rebel with wolf cut mullet spikes. Create spiky texture using hair gel or wax for a rebellious vibe.

Bold Color Accents

Add color to your wolf cut mullet. To stand out, try highlights, ombre, or a complete head of bright colors.

Undercut Variation

Add cool with an undercut and wolf cut mullet. For a bold and edgy take on this fashionable hairdo, shave or buzz the sides and back.

Textured Waves

Textured waves soften and feminineize your wolf cut mullet. Create a romantic look with a curling iron or natural waves.

Side-Swept Bangs

Blend your wolf cut mullet with side-swept bangs. This softens and adapts the hairdo.

Asymmetrical Lengths

Try a wolf-cut mullet with different lengths. For a unique style, cut one side shorter or layer.

Retro Vibes

Add vintage-inspired finger waves or pin curls to your wolf cut mullet. This unusual hairdo combines old-school beauty with a contemporary mullet.