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9 Trending Curly Hairstyles for Women

Curly Shag: A trendy and low-maintenance hairstyle with layers and texture.

Curly Bob: Versatile and chic, falls between chin and shoulders.

Curly Pixie Cut: Bold and edgy, showcases curls with a short length.

Curly Mohawk: Striking style with shaved or tapered sides and longer curls on top.

Curly High Ponytail: Classic and stylish, pulls curls up into a high ponytail.

Curly Side Braid: Romantic and bohemian, gathers curls to one side in a loose braid.

Curly Half-Up Half-Down: Playful and feminine, secures a section of curls while leaving the rest down.

Curly Top Knot: Chic and effortless, gathers curls into a high bun.

Curly Side Swept Style: Glamorous and elegant, sweeps curls to one side for a red-carpet look.

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