9 Healthy Snacks to Help You Sleep


A handful of almonds provides magnesium, which can help relax muscles and promote sleep.


A bowl of warm oatmeal before bed can increase serotonin levels and promote a sense of relaxation.


Kiwi is a good source of antioxidants and serotonin, which can assist in regulating sleep patterns.

Greek Yogurt

Rich in protein, Greek yogurt can help stabilize blood sugar levels and contribute to a more restful sleep.


High in potassium and magnesium, bananas can aid in muscle relaxation and promote a calm sleep.

Chamomile Tea

Sipping on a warm cup of chamomile tea can have a soothing effect, helping you unwind and prepare for sleep.

Whole Grain Crackers with Hummus

The combination of complex carbohydrates from whole grain crackers and the amino acid tryptophan from hummus can enhance sleep-inducing neurotransmitters.

Tart Cherry Juice

Tart cherries contain melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate sleep-wake cycles. Drinking tart cherry juice may support better sleep quality.

Dark Chocolate

In moderation, dark chocolate with a high cocoa content can aid in the production of serotonin and melatonin, helping improve sleep quality.

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