9 Extreme Vintage Diets NO ONE Should Try

This dangerous and unproven diet involved intentionally ingesting tapeworm eggs or larvae, with the belief that the tapeworm would consume calories in the digestive tract.

1. The Tapeworm Diet

Promoted in the 1920s and '30s, this diet suggested using nicotine's appetite-suppressing properties to control weight. Smoking for weight loss is not only harmful to health.

2. The Cigarette Diet

This diet involves using sedatives or sleeping pills to induce prolonged periods of unconsciousness, limiting calorie intake. It disrupts normal sleep patterns and poses severe risks.

3. The Sleeping Beauty Diet

This fad diet, popular in the 1930s and '80s, involved eating large amounts of grapefruit to supposedly burn fat. While grapefruit is nutritious, relying solely on it for weight loss is not sustainable or healthy.

4. The Grapefruit Diet (The Hollywood Diet)

This extreme and dangerous diet claims that people can survive solely on air and sunlight, without the need for food and water. It poses severe health risks, including malnutrition and dehydration.

5. The Air Diet (Breatharianism)

This diet involves replacing regular meals with jars of baby food, usually in an attempt to control portion sizes and calorie intake. It lacks essential nutrients for adults and is not suitable for long-term weight loss or nutrition.

6. The Baby Food Diet

This restrictive diet centers around consuming large quantities of cabbage soup and minimal other foods for a week. It can lead to nutrient deficiencies and is not a sustainable approach to weight loss.

7. The Cabbage Soup Diet

This diet suggests fasting during specific moon phases, claiming that the body can better detoxify and shed pounds during these times. There is no scientific evidence to support this notion.

8. The Werewolf Diet (Lunar Diet)

This dangerous trend involves swallowing cotton balls before meals to create a feeling of fullness and reduce calorie intake. Ingesting non-food items can lead to severe health issues.

9. The Cotton Ball Diet

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