9 Best Mediterranean Food In USA

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1. Zaytinya - Washington, D.C

 Zaytinya offers a contemporary Mediterranean dining experience with a menu inspired by the cuisines of Greece, Turkey, and Lebanon. Their mezze-style dishes and innovative flavours make it a popular choice for Mediterranean cuisine enthusiasts.

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2. Oleana - Cambridge, Massachusetts

Oleana is a highly acclaimed Mediterranean restaurant that showcases the flavors of the Middle East and North Africa. Their menu includes dishes influenced by Turkish, Moroccan, and Spanish cuisines, using locally sourced ingredients.

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3. Fig & Olive - New York City, New York

Fig & Olive is a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant with several locations across the U.S., including New York City. They offer a diverse menu featuring dishes made with high-quality olive oils, fresh herbs, and seasonal ingredients.

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4. Kyma - Atlanta, Georgia

Kyma is an upscale Greek restaurant in Atlanta known for its authentic flavors and elegant ambiance. They serve classic Greek dishes prepared with fresh seafood, grilled meats, and traditional ingredients.

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5. Kokkari Estiatorio - San Francisco, California

Kokkari Estiatorio is a Greek restaurant in San Francisco that offers a warm and inviting atmosphere. They serve traditional Greek dishes, including moussaka, souvlaki, and an array of fresh seafood options.

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6. Reem's California - Oakland, California

Reem's California is a Palestinian bakery and restaurant that showcases the vibrant flavors of the Middle East. They specialize in flatbreads, savory pastries, and flavorful dishes inspired by the Levantine cuisine.

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7. Mh Zh - Los Angeles, California

Mh Zh is a hidden gem in Los Angeles that offers a casual Mediterranean dining experience. Their menu features creative small plates with influences from Israel, Greece, and other Mediterranean regions.

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8. Mamnoon - Seattle, Washington

Mamnoon is a popular Lebanese and Syrian restaurant in Seattle, offering a modern twist on traditional Middle Eastern cuisine. Their menu features dishes like falafel, kebabs, and flavorful vegetarian options.

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9. The Halal Guys - New York City, New York

The Halal Guys started as a food cart in New York City and has since expanded to various locations across the country.

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