8 Vet-Approved Home Remedies for Your Dog

Plain Yogurt: Probiotics in plain yogurt can aid in digestive health and manage upset stomachs or diarrhea.

Oatmeal Bath: An oatmeal bath can soothe itchy skin and provide relief from minor skin irritations.

Chamomile Tea: Used as a topical solution, cooled chamomile tea can help alleviate eye or skin irritations.

Coconut Oil: Applied topically or ingested in small amounts, coconut oil may help improve skin conditions and promote a healthy coat.

Canned Pumpkin: High in fiber, plain canned pumpkin can ease constipation and diarrhea issues.

Honey: Raw, unpasteurized honey can be used as an antibacterial on minor wounds, aiding in the healing process.

Epsom Salt Soak: An Epsom salt soak can help reduce swelling and discomfort in a dog's paws, if they're experiencing soreness.

Saline Solution: A homemade saline solution can be used to clean minor wounds or clear debris from a dog's eyes.

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