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8 Sweet Signs Dogs Give to Show Who's Their Favorite Human

Tail wagging

When a dog wags its tail enthusiastically and joyfully upon seeing a specific person, it's a clear sign of affection and preference.

Excitement and greetings

Dogs often display heightened excitement and enthusiasm, such as jumping, licking, and pawing, when their favorite human returns home or interacts with them.

Following and seeking attention

Consistent seeking of attention and following indicate a dog's preference for a specific person as their favorite and desired companion.

Cuddling and snuggling

Seeking snuggling or cuddling moments demonstrates a dog's special bond and preference for a specific person.

Eye contact

When a dog maintains eye contact and gives undivided attention to their favorite human, it shows a deep connection and trust between them.

Preference for playtime

Preferential engagement in play and enthusiastic participation in games indicate a dog's preference for their favorite person.

Protective behavior

Protective behavior, such as standing close, barking at threats, and being alert, demonstrates a dog's concern, loyalty, and preference for their favorite human.

Relaxation and contentment

Complete relaxation and comfort, including lying down or falling asleep, indicate a strong bond and a sense of security between a dog and their favorite person.

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