8 Irish Dog Breeds from the Emerald Isle

Irish Setter: Known for their striking red coat and friendly demeanor, Irish Setters are energetic, intelligent, and make great family companions.

Irish Wolfhound: Among the tallest breeds, Irish Wolfhounds are gentle giants. Historically used for hunting and guarding, they are known for their loyalty and gentle nature.

Kerry Blue Terrier: Recognized for their unique blue coat, Kerry Blue Terriers are versatile dogs that excel in various roles, from farm work to family pets.

Glen of Imaal Terrier: These terriers are compact and sturdy with a distinctive wheaten or brindle coat. They were bred as working dogs for tasks like ratting and herding.

Irish Water Spaniel: With a water-resistant curly coat, this breed is an excellent swimmer and retriever. They're intelligent, active, and thrive in an active lifestyle.

Irish Terrier: Sporting a fiery red coat, Irish Terriers are spirited and courageous. They're known for their loyalty, making them great companions and watchdogs.

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier: Recognizable by their soft, silky coat in shades of wheaten, these terriers are friendly, adaptable, and make great family pets.

Irish Red and White Setter: Similar to the Irish Setter but with a distinctive red and white coat, this breed is known for its athleticism, intelligence, and friendly disposition.

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