8 Best Tips for Camping with Dogs

Plan Dog-Friendly Locations:  Choose campsites that allow dogs and have trails or areas where dogs can roam safely.

Pack Dog Essentials:  Bring enough food, water, bowls, a leash, waste bags, and any medications your dog needs.

Safety First:  Ensure your dog wears an ID tag and consider a reflective vest for visibility. Keep them leashed and supervise them near water or wildlife.

Comfortable Rest Area:  Bring a cozy dog bed or blanket for them to sleep on inside the tent.

Practice Campsite Etiquette:  Keep your dog quiet and respect other campers. Control barking and prevent digging.

Trail Etiquette:  Follow leash rules on trails, yield to others, and clean up after your dog.

Stay Aware of Wildlife:  Be cautious of encounters with wildlife that could be dangerous to your dog.

Preparation for Emergencies:  Know the nearest vet's contact info and have a basic pet first aid kit on hand.

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