8 Best Ideas for One Side Haircut Male

Undercut with Side Part: A classic choice where one side is trimmed significantly shorter (undercut) and the longer top hair is swept to the other side with a distinct side part.

Slicked-Back Fade: Combine a fade haircut on the shorter side with longer hair slicked back on the other side, creating a stylish contrast between lengths.

Hard Part Comb Over: This style features a shaved or "hard" part on one side, with the hair combed over and styled neatly for a clean and polished look.

Disconnected Pompadour: Keep one side shorter with a fade or undercut, while the other side flaunts a voluminous pompadour for a bold and dynamic appearance.

Asymmetrical Crop: Opt for an asymmetrical crop where one side is cropped shorter while the other maintains slightly longer hair, offering a modern and edgy appeal.

Side Swept Quiff: Combining a quiff hairstyle with a side-swept fringe, this cut keeps one side shorter and the other side features a textured quiff for a suave look.

Textured Side Fringe: Trim one side shorter and let the longer side have textured and layered fringe that falls gracefully over the forehead.

Faux Hawk with Part: For a daring look, consider a faux hawk with one side shaved or faded, while the other side retains length to create the faux hawk effect.

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