7 Signs You Might Not Be Eating Enough Protein

Inadequate protein intake can lead to feelings of tiredness and a lack of energy throughout the day.

Fatigue and low energy levels

Insufficient protein can result in muscle wasting, weakness, and a decline in overall muscle mass.

Muscle loss

Protein is crucial for tissue repair, so insufficient intake may lead to delayed healing of wounds or injuries.

Slow recovery and impaired wound healing

Protein deficiency can manifest as brittle hair, dry skin, and weak or brittle nails.

Hair, skin, and nail problems

A lack of protein can compromise the immune system, making individuals more susceptible to infections and illnesses.

weakened immune system

Inadequate protein consumption can affect neurotransmitter production, potentially leading to mood disturbances and irritability.

Mood swings and irritability

Protein plays a vital role in satiety, metabolism, and muscle maintenance, so inadequate intake can hinder weight loss efforts and lead to muscle loss.

Difficulty losing weight

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