7 Exercises To Slim Down a Thick Waistline in 30 Days  

Plank: Engage your core muscles by holding a plank position for a set amount of time each day to help slim down your waistline.

Russian Twists: Target your oblique muscles with twisting motions, using a weighted object or without, to help trim and shape your waistline.

Bicycle Crunches: Perform bicycle crunches to engage your abdominal muscles and help tone and define your waistline.

Side Planks: Strengthen your side abdominal muscles by holding side plank positions, working both sides of your waistline.

Standing Side Bends: Stand tall and perform side bends, using dumbbells or your body weight, to target and trim your waistline.

Mountain Climbers: Incorporate mountain climbers into your routine to engage your core and promote overall fat burning, including the waistline area.

HIIT Cardio: Include high-intensity interval training (HIIT) cardio exercises like sprints or jumping jacks to help burn calories and reduce overall body fat, including around the waistline.

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