7 Exercises That Are Too Hard on Your Arms After 50

Heavy chest pressing movements can put excessive strain on the shoulders and elbows, potentially leading to joint discomfort or injury.

Dumbbell Bench Press

Heavy weights or resistance on tricep pushdowns can strain the elbows and worsen existing joint problems.

Tricep Pushdowns with Heavy Resistance

Burpees, with their high impact nature, can stress the wrists and shoulders, posing challenges for individuals with joint sensitivities.


Performing dips with added weight can increase the load on the shoulders and elbows, which may be too much for individuals over 50.

Weighted Dips

Elevated push-ups put more stress on the arms and shoulders, which might be too demanding for older individuals.

Push-ups with Feet Elevated

Using excessively heavy dumbbells for hammer curls can strain the wrists and elbows, potentially leading to discomfort.

Hammer Curls with Heavy Weights

These exercises can place additional stress on the shoulders and neck, potentially leading to joint discomfort or impingement.

Behind-the-Neck Lat Pulldowns

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